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USB Charging Anti-Theft Backpack

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A Backpack that has USB charging port that can change the way you go out with your belongings. It has external built-in USB that offers convenient charging for your electronic devices anywhere.

If you're away for business, school, weekend getaways, traveling or outdoor activities, the Anti-Thief backpack will guard your things for you.


It features an anti-thief design with hidden zippers and layers of cut-resistant 600D polyester, protecting your valuables from thief. Pickpockets will even find it difficult to slice through the backpack with a penknife.  

In addition, the backpack is water-resistant so you no longer have to worry about splashes. Finally, its 6mm anti-shock foam makes it shockproof, protecting your valuable laptop or electronic devices from damage. 

It has more than 10 compartments that offers segregated storage for your laptop, tablet, passport, pens, notebooks, keys, wallets, watches, power bank, books, clothes, umbrella, water-bottle, subway card and more.

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