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This 'Sister Love' theme bracelet is the perfect gift for your dearest female friends!

If you want to commemorate your friendship with your best girlfriends and let them know how close they are to your heart, this can help you find the right words.

“I purchased this for my best friend. We loved the secret message on the inner side of the bracelet. It is made of stainless steel, and it is extremely durable. She will keep it and enjoy it for years to come. Great gift, great price. I’m so glad she loved it!”

- Mavis

“Love the hidden message! This was a gift for my best friend and she wears it daily. I purchased one for myself at the same time.”

- Wendy

“I love this bracelet sis and I love all our selfies and memories together and I’m so lucky to have u in my life and I would never change u for the world sis and ur my best friend my little sis my family my number one girl my everything and I would be lost without u and your very welcome sis and I’m always going to be here for u no matter what and I’ll always be by your side sis and thank you for always being there for me no matter what and just being you and your funny kind caring helpful and your so beautiful sis and I love u billions n trillions too sis”

- Betty

Product Details

  • An arrow can only be shot out by being pulled backwards, so when life drags you back, it’s actually launching you into something great.
  • An arrow pointing forward meets an arrow pointing back… & in the middle, is ME.
  • The cuff bracelet is made of 316L stainless steel, stronger and more durable, will never fade, tarnish, corrode, stain, or cause allergic responses. Nickel free, 100% in harmony with the wrist.
  • Measurements: Diameter 2.5" W/0.24", L/6.2". Adjustable openings designed to fit most wrists.


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